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भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ भारत समर्थक

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Pranab stole RICE worth 2500 crore out of poor people mouths!

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Rs 2500-crore rice export scam, year 2008-009

In simple language Indian Market price was rs15000/metric tonne it was sold at rs26000, profit of rs11000/metric tonne.

The government of India had banned export of non-basmati rice to put a check on rising prices in the domestic market.

An Empowered Group of Minister on food Pranab Mukherjee had allowed export of up to 20 lakh & 40000 tonnes of non-Basmati rice to Ghana and Sierra Leone under hunger projects.

It was decided that Rice will be sold on humanitarian grounds but in reality Indian private companies (should have been govt of India) sold rice at prevailing international prices to the poor country.

In many cases, the letters of credit come from a third party—a trading company in Switzerland, So exactly who was the buyer and seller and who made the profits.

India is a poor nation we know that here many rich people keep their extra flats on the name of their driver and keeping honesty driver never cheats his boss. Hope now you got the idea who made the profits

The grain for both Ghana and Sierra Leone was sourced from mills in Andhra Pradesh.

Private companies made the profit not Government of India. Does this sound familiar? In 2g scam private companies allowed without the tender, Coalgate scam, private companies made profit not govt of India. Does he deserve to be president of India?
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