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भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ भारत समर्थक

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बलात्कार मामले के लिए मौत की सजा उचित है: किरण बेदी

Are the police unable to provide security to women in India? Dr Kiran Bedi, ex-police officer and now a prominent social activist, shared her perspective on this matter

Q. With all respects, mam! What are the securities measures taken by police to ensure women safety in Delhi? Asked by: Pushkar Kumar Mishra

A. It is time police says it all for people to know...this is the time when they must speak and communicate...

Q. The situation with regards to violence against women is worsening day by day. What do you think has changed over the last 10 years and how should this in your opinion be tackled? Asked by: Harish

A. I am not aware of what has changed. I can tell you what needs to be done...and appears not being done.

Q. Madam, don't you think a demand for death penalty for rape/gang rape is too over the top reaction? Anyway death penalty is being used too frequently. If you start giving death penalty in these cases what will you give to Surendra Kohli or Kasab?There has to be a difference between a one off crime, however heinous and the ones committed over a period of time like Kohli or Kasab who trained for more than a year for the eventual act. A one off case can be because of any number of reasons. Asked by: Kamal Agg

A. As it is death penalty is given in rarest of rare cases...and not even if it is mandated. But in rape crime of the kind we have all seen death penalty would be justified.

Q. Mam, be it this rape incident or the Guwahati molestation case, these crimes have been committed when the perpetrators were drunk, don't you think alcohol should be banned? Asked by: Sanjeev K

A. What we need most is effective presence and effective checks..and chances of getting caught very high. But before that all possible measures of prevention.

Q. Ma'am, Can a PCR van only act on the instructions of the Control Room? I am asking this because few years back we caught hold of a man in the North Campus area of Delhi Univeristy. This man had molested a student. We flagged a PCR van but they told us to dial 100 instead. Is this how it works? If not, who can we complain to? The ACP of the area? Asked by: Rahul Sharma

A. The pcr did not do its duty. They ought to have arrested this man, taken your complaint. They are expected to act on their own too. They have shirked from their duty.

Q. Thanks to the media and all the street protests, we can be sure that justice will be done to this case. But, none of these would prevent a recurrence of such an incident unless the boys, parents and girls realize the fact that the safety starts with self. Boys and Girls along with parents should prepare themselves to protect the self and do not leave it to chance. Even the best Governments in the world cannot appoint one police per person. We may have the best traffic system in the world and everyone might follow the traffic religiously. But, even then, can we afford to go blindfolded in the roads? No, we cannot. Asked by: Kris

A. Yes, we need social measures of prevention as also and even more visible police presence effectively checking crime on the wheels as also with civil defense and citizen wardens.

Q. Women must raise their voice against rape. Asked by: sachin zore

A. Yes, stay united and keep raising the voice to keep the pressure on...it will work.

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