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भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ भारत समर्थक

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Arvind Kejriwal to lead AAP Rally and Sabha in Roha (District Raigad) - 2nd December 2012

Maharashtra is today renowned for land grabbing, crony capitalism, dynastic politics and all major political parties are hand in glove in this loot. In all this the Aaa Aadmi is crushed, he is robbed of his home and his livelihood.

Aam Aadmi Party will not tolerate this corruption anymore. On 2nd December 2012 we launch our Maharashtra Chapter by huge rally from Mumbai to Roha, Raigad.  The main purpose of this event is to set the agenda for AAP in Maharashtra and we will take on issues that are plaguing farmers, adivasis, machimaars, laborers and the poorest of poor who are jailed and even shot down by those in power every time they dare to protest. Thousands of people will gather together and we challenge the powers that be to show their heavy hand on this collective strength of the Aam Aadmi.

Arvind Kejriwal will lead the rally. Accompanying him will be other aam aadmis - Prashant Bhushan, Dinesh Vaghela, Kumar Vishwas, Mayank Gandhi and Anjali Damania. Raju Shetti the renowned championer of farmer rights will be joining the Sabha in Roha. 

This thunderous event will cover various topics & issues - each as valuable and important as the other.

1. Black Paper on Irrigation
India Against Corruption blew the lid on the Irrigation Scam in Maharashtra. Our expose of  the corruption in Kondhane had a domino effect and numerous cases of blatant loot by the irrigation department surfaced subsequently. The Deputy CM Ajit Pawar, who was former Irrigation Minister, resigned in the face of these allegations. But now, to cover up their wrong doing they are tabling a white paper which is a mere eye wash.

In order to lay bare the corruption that the White Paper is covering up, Arvind Kejriwal will present a BLACK PAPER on Irrigation in Maharashtra. It is an extensively researched document that will show how the politicians first looted and are now covering up their misdeeds. The shocking state of irrigation will be laid bare.

That is why the Sabha is being held at Roha, the home town of the present Irrigation Minister Sunil Tatkare - his own neighborhood is demanding his resignation and an immediate inquiry against himand AAP will give voice to this demand!

2. Maharashtra Prakalpgrast Shetkari and Macchimaar Sanghathana
AAP has created a platform called Maharashtra Prakalpgrast Shetkari and Macchimaar Sanghathana under which many groups are coming together to make the following demands:
a. Fair rehabilitation and resettlement of existing Project Affected Persons
b. Redrafting of policy on land acquisition for all projects such that the person whose land is being acquired gets fair treatment
c. An end to the persecution of various PAP groups including dropping of all charges against the andolankaris who have led these protests.
Anjali Damania and a number of protest groups (list attached) will lead this struggle.

3. Sugar Cane Pricing
Raju Shetti, independent Member of Parliament is leading the fight for fair pricing for sugarcane farmers and has taken on Maharashtra’s powerful sugar lobby. AAP joins hands with him in this struggle as we are fighting the issue of fair pricing for farmers across India. 

4. Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project
Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project is to be the largest nuclear power generating project in the world. This is an ecologically fragile zone - seismically sensitive with long cracks and hot geysers. Moreover, this project will demolish the livelihood of countless fishermen from the villages there. Local protestors have been dealt with a heavy hand, including firing wherein a protestor lost his life. Prashant Bhushan and leading activists from Jaitapur will take on this fight.

5. Casual Labour
Across the nation, laborers are abused by being used as temporary/contractual resources and poorest of poor are denied their employment benefits and rights through this vicious exploitation on human.Mayank Gandhi along with our local host is Shri Rajan Raje of the Dharam Rajya Paksh will take on this fight for fair treatment of casual labour.

The rally will leave Mumbai at 11am from Sion, near the Priyadarshini Circle and will reach Roha at 2pm. The Sabha will be held at Mehendale High School in Roha, District Raigad from 2 to 5 pm. 

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