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भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ भारत समर्थक

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IAC strongly condemns the arrest in Palghar of the young women who expressed an opinion on Facebook

IAC condemns the arrest of two young girls in Thane who expressed their views on Facebook. IAC defend the right to freedom of expression and demands that the State Government explain the incident and take the case back immediately.

There are three shocking aspects of this case: One, it is a sad state for our democracy that political parties have started filing complaints against everyone who has a difference of opinion. This intolerance of views in unacceptable and reeks of arrogance of a party who is used to wielding power as tool of intimidation. 

It is even more shocking that the police which take days to file a murder complaint were so prompt in registering an FIR and arresting the girl who made the post and the other girl who liked it. How is a girl’s dismay over a bandh a threat to the nation! We demand that Maharashtra Police take back the case immediately and issue an unconditional apology. It is unbelievable that the Magistrate ordered 14 days remand! If this is the view of the state then democracy is done and dusted and they must arrest thousands who express their views on social media.

But the saddest part for this state is that vandlism and hooliganism that was displayed in the attack on the girl’s uncle’s office. Patients who were being treated were shunted out of the clinic! Violence and vandalism is not the expression of Maharashtrian pride. Browbeating and intimidating defenseless young girls who are expressing their opinion about a bandh is neither an expression of pride nor manhood. A state that was standing tall yesterday is today hanging its head head in collective shame. 

IAC affirms their support to the young girls. We demand that all charges are dropped immediately and action is taken against all those who have shamed the state and the nation by victimizing young girls who had an innocuous opinion.
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