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भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ भारत समर्थक

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Six reasons why Kejriwal should be supported

1. For a Corruption Free Tomorrow: Since, there is no guarantee that Kejriwal will not deceive, then, there is no guarantee either that he will. Hence, he can be trusted once.

2. For positive political change: If anything needs to be changed in the country, then they are men sitting in the Parliament, most of them. By changing the political scenario ...
in the nation, and bringing more young people inside who are really willing to give themselves to the nation, hence Kejriwal seems to be an option.

3. For Kejriwal's willingness to fight for nation: Atleast one shot support can be provided to Kejriwal, especially when he hasn't demanded anything from us but support. His enthusiasm doesn't look like being fake.

4. Kejriwal's fearlessness: Arvind Kejriwal doesn't fear and the fact makes him the person to be supported. There are not many in India who would not bow to the big shots' powerful approaches. From Political strength to the judicial attacks, Kejriwal never looked feared at all.

5. It is high time for change in India: The country needs change badly, positively. It has been more than 60 years that we have been striving with the same mostly corrupt lot of politicians whose ill intentions can be seen by the way they celebrate their wins when elected.

6. Short of Options: India is short of options to bring the political change in here. When we raise our heads to pick someone to vote for who is not an eater, we are short of it. The nation doesn’t have much of the exuberant people who can actually make the nation better.

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